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Card only, No Cash


Persons 17 years of age and under:

  • $18 + taxes and fees

Persons 18 years of age and over:

  • $21 + taxes and fees

*Please book online
*Booking ahead of time is highly recommended
3rd Friday of each month. 15% off Code: MAVS
  • Please book online
  • Park at the butterfly pond
  • Check-in at the landing tower
1601 Riverfront Dr. #104
Grand Junction, CO 81501


Best way to reach us is via email:


Friday 12p - 6p 
Saturday 11a - 6p
Sunday 12p - 6p


Riverfront Zip Adventures is a thrilling dual racing zipline that is situated in the Las Colonias Development in Grand Junction, Colorado. In partnership with the City of Grand Junction, Bonsai Design, LLC, designed and built this remarkable zipline to not only showcase the beauty of Western Colorado but to give the citizens and visitors an aerial adventure experience similar to projects Bonsai has designed and installed all over the country. 


Please make a reservation online to ensure the start time and availability before arriving. We will have computers on site to complete bookings, but we cannot guarantee availability. Prior to participating on the zipline, all guests must fill out a waiver form and meet all of the participant requirements.


Cancellation Policy:

Book with confidence knowing that you can cancel for any reason at least 24-hours in advance for a full refund. No refunds for cancellations within 24-hours of the departure. For full refunds you must call.


Self – Cancellation policy is not refunded, turned into a gift card for future use only. For full refunds you must call.

Late or No show Policy:

If you are late to your set time block we cannot wait or adjust the timeline to accommodate your lateness. Therefore you will have to wait until the next available slot. There is no refund for being late. 

No-show is non- refundable. 

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