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Participant Requirements:

  • Weight Range: 50 – 250 lbs

  • Age Range: 8 and up as long as weight range requirements are met

  • Be able to understand and follow instructions (verbal and/or visual) given by staff

  • Wear footwear and clothing required for the activity: No flip flops or crocs: shoes must be securely attached to feet

  • Must wear all required PPE and don it per the manufacturer recommendations

  • Must be able to withstand brake system impact 

Ziplining Expectations: 

  • Exhibit physical and mental conditions such as strength, coordination, range of motion, comprehension,

​​      communication, and awareness

  • Possess the ability to go without food or water for periods of time

  • Possess the ability to walk, stand, and go without access to seating for periods of time

  • Demonstrate the ability to exercise good mental judgement at all times

  • Have full use of, and no recent injury to, fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and legs

  • Will not present a direct risk to self or others by participating

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